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Women can be extremely vulnerable after breast surgery. The boost to their self confidence and self-esteem from having a really good bra fit can be enormous. It is absolutely crucial to have a good bra fitting as soon as possible after surgery, in fact I would encourage all women to have a bra fitting BEFORE their surgery.There are, at present, no specific qualifications for bra fitting and the level of expertise varies widely depending on the fitter you happen to see. As a result it is difficult to know the level of service you are getting. The following points relate directly to post-surgery bra fitting and the level of expertise you should expect. Anything less than this, in my opinion, is absolutely unacceptable.Almost 80% of ladies are said to be in the wrong bra size – some of this is not just down to the individual woman’s ignorance or apathy but also down to wrong advice at the time of fitting. Many ladies do not experience a professional bra fitting until they are forced into the situation (pregnancy and surgery are two of the main reasons).I see so many women who have either been fitted incorrectly (or not fitted at all), it is such a small thing but getting it right can make a real difference. It sounds almost silly, but time after time I have seen women walk out of my shop looking taller, and with a spring in their step.So what should you look for, to be confident you are getting a really professional fit.* At the first point of contact the fitter should be observing the customer’s body shape, breast shape, bone structure, fat density, body length and approximate age (e.g.: Sloping shoulders, narrow shoulders, short measurement from apex to shoulder point, and obviously the type of surgery and how much breast tissue has been removed)* They should also be aware that it is important to make the customer feel at ease, as bra fitting can be an intimidating experience for some women, especially after surgery. It is also an advantage to have a separate relaxed seating area close to the fitting room for friends or relatives. Many ladies will bring along family members for moral support and it’s so important for them to be near but not too close that they can hear your conversation while fitting.* The fitter should sensitively ask about the customer’s requirements ( what surgery they have undergone, when it was undertaken, any concerns with fit and importantly previous favourite styles)* They should also ask what size/style the client normally wore prior to surgery.* The fitter should be in ‘friendly’ and ‘approachable’ mode. Try not to invade the customer’s space when talking to her.* The fitter should not discuss the suitability of the customer’s current underwear, unless asked to do so.* For ladies who have prosthesis, the fitter should never suggest that the breast form seems to be the wrong size; the customer can come to her own conclusion or specifically ask your advice. It is always best to refer the client back to her breast care nurse or G.P.* The fitting room should be private, with good lighting and large enough for two people. It should also have a comfortable chair as we could be dealing with ladies who may feel tired, hot or faint.* Often ladies can become upset and you will need tissues at the ready. Also ladies may be going through a forced menopause, due to the drugs they may be taking, so do not have the fitting room too hot. A fan should always be handy* A large table or shelf is needed to lay breast forms on and some cami/ vest tops to try on over the bra to truly see bust shape.* The changing room should contain also a full length mirror. (This should be discretely covered or rotated as some post surgery ladies have not yet looked at scars etc.)* An experienced fitter may not require a tape measure – some will measure the underband, some may require both measurements to diagnose size.* The fitter needs to take into account what stage of surgery the customer is. Fluid often needs to be drained, lymphoedema can occur as well as numbness which can affect a customer’s decision making ability and tender scar areas or numbness.* The fitter should then select a full-cup bra for the customer to try on, in order to ensure the size is correct. This is essential if you are have a lady who needs a bra for her first prosthesis fitting* The fitter should also ensure that the underband is fastened on the loosest fastening, as wash and wear will ensure the underband ‘gives’ over a short period of time and check strap lengths.* The fitter should check the underband is a secure but comfortable fit, the centre front fits close to the body and high enough to cover lost breast tissue and the side wing is deep enough.* The fitter should take the opportunity to explain what to look for so far as fitting is concerned, when buying a bra.* The fitter should then select a range of different bras for the customer to try on. It is advisable that the fitter sees each bra on the customer, in order to advise which has the best fit.* Finally, the fitter should be flexible to the customer’s requirements and expect that some customers will not always take their advice.I know that sounds like an awful lot to expect – but that is what you should be looking for. If you are not getting this service you are in the wrong shop, talking to the wrong person. Why shouldn’t you expect the best.

How to Select a Qualified Web Design Firm That Can Really Help Your Business Succeed Online | design web

As a business owner, you may be relatively “green” when it comes to online marketing. You will want to know the costs of establishing a professional website and running an internet marketing/Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. Ultimately, you want know what your provider can guarantee in terms of their SEO service so you can have a better idea of what your return on investment (ROI) will be. With so many web design providers out there, it is very hard to find a qualified web design firm who can address both creating a professional website, and providing strong SEO services. In this article, I will share how to look for a qualified provider to get the most bang for your buck. Let’s get started.One, to make things easy for yourself, you’ll want to look for web design companies that provide full web services, including: web design, web hosting, online marketing/SEO, and website maintenance. This means that one company will be responsible for all of your website needs so you don’t have to be the “middle person” trying to communicate between multiple providers every time you need a change made to your website. With your time always at a premium, consolidating your web services with one provider is a smart move that will save you time and headaches in the long run. Full service web providers often have well-assembled teams who can deliver your projects and results on time. They also often provide faster and more reliable IT support, which is very important, because in today’s environment, slow IT support is an opportunity killer.Two, find a web design provider who specializes in custom website design. Today, many business owners often make the mistake of going with a provider who simply re-sells cheap website templates (which have been duplicated and resold thousands of times online). This means their website looks very similar to others. When a business owner founds a company, they try to come up with a unique name for their business, so when it comes time to showcase themselves and communicate with their customers online, their website should be attractive and original. Your website is the first thing customers will learn about you — so creating a site that’s similar to thousands of others is not a good move.Although a custom designed website often costs more than templates one, it will generate better response from customers. If you want your website to help your business make a good first impression with potential customers and build solid brand-name recognition, having a custom-designed website is key. Furthermore, to keep your initial costs low, you may be able to work out a repayment plan with your provider. Another option is you could possibly start out with a small website (2-5 pages) first and then as you gain more clients (and revenues/profits) you can grow your website. Again, your website is the first thing customers will learn about you, and customers’ first impression of you can make the difference between gaining new leads, or not; you want to start out your internet presence on the right foot.Three, look for web design provider that not only are knowledgeable about custom website design, but also about business development, management, and marketing. This knowledge will enable your provider to quickly learn about your business model, operation, and needs in order to come up with a smart strategy for success.In today’s competitive market, a custom-designed, beautiful website is not enough to optimize your website for maximum results. Just like in a car race, a beautiful looking race car will not provide a greater chance of winning a race; it’s the car that is well-optimized for performance (aerodynamics, engine, tires, driver, etc.) that has the best chance to win. Therefore, it is important to find a well-rounded provider with knowledge and experience that can look at your business from different angles, fully understand it, and come up with an optimal solution for success. When it comes to ensuring that your business stands out optimally online and among your competitors, there should be no cookie cutter approaches, but rather innovative and out-of-the-box thinking.Four, search for strong internet marketing companies that not only specialize in custom website design, but also in internet marketing/search engine optimization (SEO). Strong internet marketing companies are often those whose own websites are ranked in the top ten of a Google organic search for a number of competitive keywords like: Internet Marketing, Web Design Prices, Minnesota Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, etc.After you’ve narrowed down to a few providers that meet these criteria, ask them how long their SEO campaign will take, and what results they can guarantee to you. A skillful and knowledgeable SEO firm would know their competency, after researching the keywords for which you want to ranked in the top 10. They should be able to give you a certain guarantee for your SEO project – usually between 60-80%. This means if they SEO 10 optimal keywords for you, they could guarantee that 6-8 keywords will rank top 10 in a Google organic search, and they should only charge for the keywords that they successfully get into the top 10 for you when the deadline comes. The competitiveness of your selected keywords, age of your website, and other factors will determine how long it takes for the SEO provider to push your keywords into a top 10 ranking. On average, it usually takes providers between four and six months to get a SEO project done. It’s important to make sure your provider puts their guarantee in the contract for you from the beginning. If the provider is in another country, you should find out how the contract will hold up for you in case things don’t pan out well. If any provider doesn’t have a contract for you and cannot guarantee SEO performance for your project, run… don’t walk, away.As business owners and marketers, you want to know the cost of establishing a professional website, and market it effectively. Above are four important steps that will guide you while you compare qualified web design and SEO providers.